The following is our to-do list than our roadmap. All the items mentioned are achievable targets with the existing team, but please take note that the following road map is subject to changes.
Q1 2022
✅ TRP DAO Fair Launch on Binance Smart Chain
✅ UNICRYPT Lock Liquidity for 100 years (
✅ List on DappRadar, CoinAlpha, CoinLean
✅ Roadmap
✅ List New Bonds for Valuable Assets (wBNB, CAKE, TRP-USDT LP)
✅ TRP Burning
✅ Bonding (4,4)
🔜 Website Redesign
🔜 Push Marketing Social Media, Influencer
🔜 Inclusion of Graphs in the Main Page
🔜 Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
🔜 P2E Game Feasibility Study and Initial Proof of Concept
Q2 - 2022
🔜Wrap $TRP
🔜TRP Bank Launch
🔜Core Team Expansion
🔜Marketing Collaboration and Partnership
🔜 Launch of Multichain Yield Farming Protocol
🔜 Launch of TRP Decentralized VC Investment Fund
🔜 Launch of TRP Decentralized Hedge Fund Featuring a Proprietary Treasury Reverse Protocol
🔜 CEX Listing
🔜 DAOs Voting
Q3 - 2022
🔜 Partnership with Synergy DeFi Project
🔜 NFT Development
🔜 Cross-Chain Integration
🔜 Smart Contract Audit
🔜 Future Trading Project Release and Developments
🔜 Application Development
Q4 2022
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